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2015 Show 
Opening Day
Activities - Raffle, Gold Panning
Activities - Education Station, Kids' Junction
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Photo Archives:
2014 - RRR Show, Tailgater, Work Parties, Field Trip to Trona
2013 - RRR Show, Work Parties
2012 - RRR Show, Classes
2011 - RRR Show, Field Trips to Topaz Mt., Virgin Valley in the snow in May!
2010 - RRR Show, Treasure Trove Show, Field Trips to American River; Virgin Valley; 
  Duncan Canyon; Hawthorne
2009 - RRR Show, Reno Show, Field Trips to Dugway; Buffalo Canyon; Ant Hill; Clear Lake
2008 - RRR Show, Virgin Valley, lots of lapidary classes, and the Ventura CFMS Show 
2007 - RRR Show, Some great Virgin Valley photos, the Palmdale CFMS Show
2006 - RRR Show, the very beginning of our Lapidary Shop, the Calaveras CFMS Show
2005 - Relive the glory days of the RRR-CFMS Show!