Awards *** Awards *** Awards
from the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CFMS)
and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS)

Bulletin Awards (Small Bulletin Category)

CFMS First Place 2003
AFMS Second Place 2003
CFMS First Place, New Editor, 2002
AFMS Fourth Place, New Editor, 2002


  • All American Awards

CFMS Silver 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
AFMS Bronze 2004, 2003
AFMS Silver 2005, 2002, 2001

CFMS First Place 2009
AFMS First Place 2009


  • Individual Adult Advanced Articles

CFMS First Place & AFMS First Place "Obsidian: A Biography" by Terry Yoschak, 2004
CFMS First Place  "Mother Lode Field Trip Report" by Jim Barton, 2003
CFMS Third Place  "Ammolite: A Rare and Fortunate Gemstone" by Terry Yoschak, 2003 
CFMS Second Place  "The Mighty Atom, Part 1" by Jim Barton, 2002 


  • Individual Adult Articles

CFMS Third Place "Search for the Elmwood Mine" by Chuck Neely, 2009
CFMS First Place & AFMS Fourth Place "Virgin Valley and the Ark!" by Jim Hutchings, 2007 
CFMS Second Place
& AFMS First Place "Fulgurite - the Essence of Lightning!"  
by Gloria Marie, 2005
CFMS Fourth Place  "The Saline Mineral World of Trona" by Gloria Tomczyk, 2004
CFMS Fifth Place  "The New Kid at the AFMS/CFMS" by Gloria Tomczyk, 2003 
CFMS Ninth Place  "2003 RRR Annual Gem & Mineral Show" by Robert Oleachea, 2003
CFMS Tenth Place  "Tri-Federation Rockhound Rendezvous" by Inez Berg, 2003
CFMS First Place  "Treasure of the Gold Rush: Lost…And Found"  by Terry Yoschak, 2002

  • Feature Articles

CFMS First Place & AFMS First Place "Our Early Years" by Terry Yoschak, 2009
AFMS Tenth Place "From the President's Pen" by Jim Hutchings, 2008

  • Junior Articles and Poetry

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CFMS Tenth Place "Paulo's Report About Cabochons" by Paulo Buencamino, 2007
AFMS First Place "SMILODON" by Nick Riebeek, 2007